Global Grandmothers Circle – Becomes Her Vision Journey 2016



A journey with the Global Grandmothers. In a circle formed by the love and intention of women in different places on the planet, I was sitting at Good Shadow Studios on the West Coast of Scotland, holding the North-West – the direction where Earth meets Water, and my place of perfect stillness. I am immensely grateful to all the beautiful women who journeyed with me as one on the cosmic web last night.

When I began my journey, Grandmother Spider zoomed me through her luminous web at lighting speed… places, situations, loved ones. Questions. Grief and joy and much confusion, almost at fast-forward speed – or was it rewind? – in one big swirling chaos. I felt small and lost, caught up in a story that was very clearly of my own making. But I couldn’t seem to get out of it or bring any order to it, or find much purpose.

While I was trying to accept and surrender to this, the cosmic web began to rumble and vibrate, at first only faintly, but then in violent, eruptive spasms, like a series of earthquakes. Dust and particles flying around in huge electrical storms… and amidst all this a dark eye began to form around which everything began to gravitate. Grandmother Earth was taking me back to her own birth!

If I had been worried about the drama of my own story, this soon clarified my perspective. The violence and the rawness! A boiling ball of blood red lava, being hit by meteorites over and over and over, contorting and erupting, hurtling through the void. After an eternity in this state of utter rawness and chaos – was it creative or destructive? -, soothing water began to appear and cover and cool things. I was submerged and weightlessly suspended… anemonies, corals and whale song, too beautiful after all the violence and chaos. My heart could barely contain it. Then, land appeared and trees and air and birds… I crawled ashore in complete awe. “How can I best serve you?” I asked her.

Her voice was calm. She said that all things are born, grow, wither, die and are eventually reborn. She said that what she would love for us humans to understand is that, despite of what we may have been led to believe, she is now in her SWEET phase. That her life cycle is completely beyond anything humans could ever do, and that this is a time to celebrate life and beauty. “Be a gardener who opens people’s eyes to this truth!” she said.

I looked around and found myself back in Grandmother Spider’s shimmering web, where everything was now in its perfect place. Just then I was being recalled, so I returned to the circle, my heart overflowing with love and gratitude for what I had seen.

January 10, 2016. Today is Sunday, and I’ve decided that it is a day of joy and celebration. Tomorrow will be, too. And the day after that. And after that… I may go out for a walk in the forest later. Happy New Moon in Capricorn!



Global Grandmothers Circle – Becomes Her Vision Journey 2016

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