Talking stones

I’m still not sure what exactly happened there. I think I’ll just relate to you the course of events and let you form your own view.

There’s this beach close to where I live that has attracted me, although it isn’t anything special as far as beaches go, really. It does have a pleasant outlook on lands not too far offshore. My main attraction from the first time I went there, however, have been the pebbles and rocks you can find. There are all manner of white, pink, yellow and green quartz rocks, slate-like, flat stones, and what looks like tumbled crystals of garnet and other semi-precious gems. Wow.

On 25 April 2015 around 7am during my morning meditation practice, some pebbles I had picked up the previous day – pure and white, grey and flat – started to make themselves known, and I began to arrange them on the floor in front of me without thinking. 20150425_074834“Ah,” I thought,”visitors.” It seemed like they wanted to join me in meditation, and I welcomed and contemplated and sat with them. They somehow remained in my head all day, so the next morning I went back to the beach and picked up a whole bagful. Pure and white, grey and flat. I just had to, although it was a very blustery day. And sure enough, during the following morning’s meditation, more of them asked to participate.

20150427_082737Very puzzling. Even more showed up the day after.


There was a way in which they wanted to be placed that seemed quite clear. Like a mandala. My heart was feeling heavy as I had become aware of events in Nepal, and my prayers were rippling out into the ether for the people affected by the earthquake. “Please ask your kind to go easy on my kind”, I whispered to the stones. When I emerged from my meditation, all stones had claimed their place.


Stone language! After contemplating what I could see, I went online and researched the exact timing of the first earthquake.

The 2015 Nepal earthquake, also called the Gorkha earthquake and Nepal Greater Earthquake (महाभुकम्प mahābʱʉkəmp (mahabhookamp) in Nepali) occurred at 11:56 NST on 25 April.

That’s 7.11am British Summer Time. Yes, on 25 April. I’m amazed and bow to the forces of nature, which are far greater than I could ever understand.

Please send your thoughts and prayers to the people.

Talking stones


The little girl was watching her own feet move swiftly through the summer grass. “Run!” they had urged her. Run. There had no longer been any options. Obeying their command, she crossed the meadow and made for the stream, and the woods beyond. Anywhere, anywhere, to get away from what now lay behind her, what had caused her breath to freeze inside her lungs before it could turn into a scream. She silently crossed the stone bridge and began to climb the narrow path at the foot of the mountain, her heart darting ahead in front of her like a startled deer.

Up and up. The forest rose tall on either side, in front of her, and then also behind her. “Keep running,” her feet insisted, but her body was beginning to tire and would no longer obey them. She left the path through a gap in the undergrowth and collapsed in a small dell, thick layers of pine needles tenderly cushioning her fall.

This was the end. This was as far as she could run. An abyss of despair grew wide and dark inside her chest, devouring her whole world. Nothing else existed, only it. Only it. Her breath began to return in sobs, small at first but then shaking her violently, making her gasp, forcing her to howl out this acrid void and replace it with soothing forest air.

After a while, a soft wind began to whisper in the trees, bringing with it the warm scent of summer and of earth. The girl wiped her eyes. Above her, treetops were swaying gently in the breeze, moving this way and that, making visible the breath of the world. “It’s alright,” the forest whispered. “You are safe with me.” A wave of warmth washed over her, and she felt herself cradled and protected by her surroundings. Her heart grew calm, and her strength began to return. Soon she would get up and walk back to the house, that place where her parents were so immersed in fighting with each other that they hadn’t even noticed her leave, this time for good.