Hello from a multi-talent. Besides being a technical translator and writer with over two decades of experience, I am also a certified massage therapist, land artist and natural explorer. I’ve learnt from many great teachers (human and other), and my work spans a wide range of projects.

The question of how we humans relate to the nature around us – and within us – has been my favourite line of enquiry (and main spiritual food source) for a very long time. How do we connect, and why?

Family group depicted on beach pebble in stencilled cave painting style.
Detail of “Life on Earth”, a labyrinth project by Eva Wolfram, 2012.

Here in western culture, the answers to these questions can sometimes be quite bleak. I find that the more love and respect for nature I can demonstrate, the more open to all kinds of communication I am, the easier it becomes to find sense and direction.

My intention is to humbly offer you some of what I see and tell some tales from my wanderings into the perilous realm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_Fairy-Stories). For your pleasure, and to energise the dialogue with nature we all need to cultivate if we want to thrive in the times ahead.

Thanks for reading. May you be inspired!

P.S. – Some of my posts are in German. If you only wish to read English or German posts, select the “English” or “Deutsch” categories in the top right menu bar.

Find out more about my other projects at http://www.evawolfram.com


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